TAM’S YIJIN EXERCISE INSTITUTE is a not for profit MUTUAL BENEFIT ORGANIZATION organized under the Mutual Benefit Corporation Law.

The specific purpose of this organization is to:

* Promote physical health, particular in areas of the joints and ligament,
* Using various traditional Chinese exercises including: Yijin, Taijiquan, and other aerobic exercises;
* Train instructors that meet specific standards so these exercises can be taught in various parts of the country; and
* Organize seminars and training classes to increase awareness of the benefits of these exercises and the proper techniques.


Officers Directors Advisory Board Training Institute Officers
Chairman: Paul Tam
President: Chris Ching
Vice President: Robert Tam
Secretary: Lawrence Wong
Treasurer: Edwina Leung
Director at Large: Maria Tam  
Stephen AuYeung
Hong Chan
John Wong
Boniface Tam
Raymond Yan
Esther Fan
Sau-Wing Lam         
Dennis Wan        
David Wong
Principal: Joana da Rosa, D.C., F.A.C.O.
Vice Principal: Jenny Ching, R.N.
Secretary: Edwina Leung & Lawrence Wong

Founder/Consultant: Paul Tam

Certified Examiners:
   Chris Ching
   John Wong
   Audrey Woo
   Stella Lau
   Gloria Lee
   Ben Lee
   Hong Chan
   Yuk-Mui Law
   George Chiu (2017)
   Nellie Kwong (2017)
   Lawrence Lau (2017)